Screen Logic Colorado commercial screen systems utilize the best products that the outdoor living industry offers.
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Commercial Screen systems

Sun • Wind • Bugs • Privacy

Motorized Vertical Track Mounted Screening

Enclose your entire outdoor area or just cover your large door area even if they are very wide and/or very tall. These screen systems offer many features including:

  • The ability to tame those glaring rays from our 300+ days of sunshine
  • Reduces passive solar gain in the summer months
  • Blends the access from inside to outside beyond the typical screen mounted on the door
  • Encloses the outdoor space to calm or eliminate those gusts that send you and guests inside
  • Control operation with a push of the remote control button or use your smartphone
  • Quickly transition from fully opened to fully closed as the weather dictates
  • Reduce glare on your TV screens during sports events by shading, reducing the intensity of the sun
  • Retain heat during cooler times of the year when the outdoor temperature drops
  • Protect your expensive outdoor furniture from fall leaves, rain, birds, and insects
  • Multiple solutions on one elevation like sun, wind, privacy, and bugs
  • Make egress easier for your staff by allowing the service door to remain open
  • More revenue through greater customer comfort and occupancy rates
  • Complete retraction provides uninhibited views when they're not needed

Motorized Vertical Cable Mounted Screening

The application of pocketed systems that have no visible attachment often must be planned from the beginning of a newly constructed space. If you don’t have that choice then this system offers practical options:

  • Retrofits are easier than a track guided system
  • Can be applied at angles beyond straight up and straight down
  • Avoids the requirement of a prefabricated pocketed system
  • Can be placed in front of those south/west facing heat gaining windows to keep the heat out
  • Automatic detection of the sun’s heat and light if you’re home or not
  • Retracts when the sun is gone and the view contains only cool light