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4 Ways Patio Screen Doors Enhance Indoor/Outdoor Living

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Patio screen doors are a great upgrade to your home, offering comfort and enjoyment to seamless indoor/outdoor living. There are a wide range of benefits to adding a patio screen door to your existing home including keeping pests out, energy cost savings, increased home value, as well as expanding your indoor living space. 1. Patio Screen Doors Keep Pests Out …

Screen Solutions for Todays Large Door Systems

Colorado Screen Solutions for Today’s Large Door Systems

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You may have heard that Colorado doesn’t have bugs. Well, Colorado has 497 varieties of insects if the internet is accurate. To go one step further which insect bites are most common in Colorado refer to this website. With this insight in mind let’s talk about Colorado screen solutions for today’s large door systems. The architectural trend in patio doors …

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My Big Patio Door Has No Screen. Why?

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Today the large format doors are an amazing addition to the amount of light and expansive views from your home to the outdoors. Problem is that the screen systems for these doors often do not exist or are not provided for several reasons. They must be applied at the door companies manufacturing plant. That means that they arrive at the …

Large door screen and better air quality

Air Quality Benefits of Outdoor Spaces

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The EPA says pollutants can be higher on the inside of my home than the outside. How can I change this? What can we do not to miss the air quality benefits of outdoor spaces? We, at Screen Logic are pleased to show you the best products that the outdoor living industry offers. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that …

Large Retractable Door Screens for Colorado

Large Retractable Door Screens for Colorado

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Our way of life here in Colorado is driven by our wonderful weather and bountiful sun. Indoor outdoor spaces are more prevalent all the time and we love to be outside when we can. Our retractable large door screens are ideal for Colorado homes throughout the whole year. When you open your home to our great outdoors don’t worry about …

Enclosed Patios Bring Enhanced Comfort with Screens

Enclosed Patios Bring Comfort with Retractable Screens

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Enjoy the Sunshine and the Breeze with Retractable Screens A light breeze is great, but gusts of wind are too much of a good thing. Sun is cheery until those rays become overwhelming. Light is nice unless the intense glare makes it hard to see. Neighborly openness is well and good until you just want your privacy. All of these …