Screen Maintenance


Maintaining Your Screen

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  • Keep your screens retracted when they’re not in use. This will help protect the mesh from damage while helping to keep the material clean.
  • If the mesh is wet, allow it to dry before retracting it into the casing.
  • Keep the tracks clean of dirt and debris, and lubricate them with greaseless, DRY silicone spray.
  • Remove dust from grooves using a vacuum as necessary.
  • Once or twice a season, clean the mesh and casing with water, mild detergent, and a soft brush—never use harsh chemicals or a pressure washer.
  • If you notice that your screen is not operating like it did originally please perform recommended maintenance tips.
  • If you are in an area that has a lot of debris like a neighborhood under construction or near open farm land, you must clean more frequently to maintain a clean operating surface at the sill. This can not be overemphasized and is the number one call back item!
  • A vacuum is preferable for removing debris as a brush/broom or rag can push the material into places that will affect operation.
  • Retractable screen systems are designed to withstand reasonable wind gust however in very windy conditions the screen must be retracted for safe storage. If it is already very windy it may prove difficult to roll the screen away without the mesh creasing. In this situation the doors should be closed before retracting the screen as this will relieve the pressure on the mesh.
  • Do not spray window cleaner on or near the mesh as it may damage it.
  • Allow the spring to retract the screen - do not force or push the screen back! This may damage the mesh requiring replacement under a non-warranted condition.

Maintenance FAQ