installation assurance

our crews, our experts, done right

Installation at it's Best

Experience has taught us that no matter how great a product is a bad installation can change everything for the worse. Our Factory-Trained technicians have the experience and skills to make our great products even better. What can you expect from Screen Logic when it comes to the installation?

  1. Assessment - A thorough understanding of your specific situation. Knowing the wind loads, direction of the sun, and if there will be the chance for little hands or paws to be in contact, we’ll be sure to help reduce the chance for concerns.
  2. Custom Sizing - To ensure it fits properly and operates smoothly our team makes sure we measure twice and install once.
  3. Adaption to Your Structure - Brick is different than Stucco and wood siding. We bring the right tools to the job to be efficient and exacting at our craft.
  4. Communication - You’re busy and so are we. Making and keeping a date (weather permitting of course) for installation is our hallmark. We’ll make sure you are not inconvenienced with the date and time.
  5. Proper Anchorage - We use the right screws, glue, and equipment to keep you going for many years to come. We don’t like callbacks any more than you do.
  6. Fine Tuning - The ability to adapt to construction that isn’t always square, level, and plumb can overcome a lot of concerns with existing construction.
  7. Programming - Your remote-control system must be custom set for your application. Before we say goodbye, we'll assure you of proper tuning of all things motorized.
  8. Product Orientation - We not only show you how to properly operate this system but how to make it last with proper love and care. We also offer service agreements if you want the annual checkup and cleaning done by us.
  9. Service and Support - Once you’ve lived with our screen solutions, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. If something is damaged, not working or needs maintenance, our service team is just a phone call away.
  10. Single Source Responsibility - Ultimately, our livelihood depends on referrals from happy customers. If your screen systems are custom made for your specific needs and installed to exacting standards, we are the single source of responsibility. There is only one call to make.