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Help us speed up and streamline the process with your photos and relatively close measurements!

Not all projects are suitable for Screen Logic solutions. Rather than wait for a Screen Logic representative to schedule an appointment let us give you a close estimate of costs so you know if this fits your budget or not. Photos can tell a thousand words and measurements (within 5-6 inches of accuracy) will put us in a close range of the actual cost. Let us know what you want to solve (e.g. sun, wind, bugs, privacy). Please supply us with the following and we’ll help you determine if Screen Logic fits within your budget.


  1. Measure the width at the bottom and the middle of the opening/s.
  2. Measure the height from the highest part of the opening to the floor/deck.
  3. If there is any brick or stone wraps give us an idea of how far they project into that opening.


  1. Take photos with your smartphone. Take more than one, please! We don’t need a high-resolution photo, but take them when there is plenty of light.
  2. Take them from inside your space.
  3. Take them from outside your space.
  4. If there is anything that you think we should be aware of take a closer picture of that as well.
  5. Our roll down systems requires electric power where our large door screens do not. If you’re thinking of enclosing a porch area, then take a picture of where the power is located if there is a source like an outlet or soffit lights.

Text Us

  1. Text your information, measurements, and photos to: 303-929-8778 or Click Here to Text Screen Logic (only works from a smartphone)
  2. Or use our Contact Form to send the same information via the web form.

Depending on the complexity of your project and the time of year you send us your request we’ll call you within 1-4 business days. If we're within your budget, we’ll set up a personal consultation with one of our team members to move to the next step.