Large door screen and better air quality

Air Quality Benefits of Outdoor Spaces

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The EPA says pollutants can be higher on the inside of my home than the outside. How can I change this? What can we do not to miss the air quality benefits of outdoor spaces? We, at Screen Logic are pleased to show you the best products that the outdoor living industry offers.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Indoor air quality can contain concentrations of various pollutants that are two to five times higher than typical outdoor conditions. Poor indoor air quality, lack of natural light, and poor environmental controllability in the home can have a negative impact on one’s health.

If you’re living with an underutilized patio door or deck area you must ask yourself why? It’s right there. Depending on the operation of your door system; gliding, hinging, bi-parting, bi-folding, lift and sliding, or multi-gliding the answer is at your fingertips. Is the reason you’ve not opened that big beautiful door in awhile is because you don’t have a screen between you and the great outdoors?

Today there are solutions that can protect that patio door opening up to twenty-four feet wide and ten feet tall. How about enclosing the space beyond the door and negating the need for a door screen altogether? Those outdoor areas can be screened in by utilizing a motorized roll down screen to extend your comfortable living space to the outdoors. Create an outer space to rival your indoor space with a totally screened in area!

Let’s face it, if you had a way to put yourself comfortably into that fresh outdoor air would you be more likely to do so? If the pull of a handle or a push of a button could improve your level of healthful living would you be more apt to utilize it? Solutions are available and they don’t have to be permanently in place. Take better care of yourself while enjoying the outdoor air in your home.

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