Enclosed Patios Bring Enhanced Comfort with Screens

Enclosed Patios Bring Comfort with Retractable Screens

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Enjoy the Sunshine and the Breeze with Retractable Screens

A light breeze is great, but gusts of wind are too much of a good thing. Sun is cheery until those rays become overwhelming. Light is nice unless the intense glare makes it hard to see. Neighborly openness is well and good until you just want your privacy. All of these variables add to or take away from your level of comfort as they pertain to an enclosed patio space. The retractable screens will transform your veranda into your dreamed spot, offering flexibility of both indoor and outdoor area.

For years we’ve heard of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle catching on and building momentum. It’s now a reality in bigger and better ways, but let’s be frank, controlling it to a degree can enhance your experience.

Breezes are refreshing until they start to blow things around and you want to tame them down a bit. Variations in screen mesh can help reduce airflow to your patio area if desired.

Sun feels great on a cool day, but during the middle of the hot summer, shade is preferred. What if you can have shade at the push of a button and full sun later with just another push of that same button?

Sunlight brings life to spaces and makes your beautiful outdoor plants grow. That same sun with too much intensity can detract from a space making it very unpleasant. Taking time to read a book or your Kindle can be difficult at best. Despite that, it’s all solved with the simple push of a button and your screen is deployed, making things delightful again.

The Solution – Retractable Large Door Screens and Wall Screens

Start to look at Mother Nature in terms of she is our mother, but we might want to change things up a bit when parts of nature are a bit too much. Enhance your lifestyle and comfort at the same time with retractable large door screens and wall screens from Screen Logic. To learn more, schedule a consultation.

As a side note, many of the same issues occur with commercial properties, such as restaurants. Similar to our residential products, these same issues can be solved with our commercial screen products designed for restaurants, clubs, offices, car dealerships, grocery stores, and more. We work with business owners, architects, developers, and contractors to enhance your commercial space and help drive more revenue with a better customer experience.