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4 Ways A Patio Screen Door Can Enhance Indoor/Outdoor Living

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Patio screen doors are a great upgrade to your home, offering comfort and enjoyment to seamless indoor/outdoor living. There are a wide range of benefits to adding a patio screen door to your existing home including keeping pests out, energy cost savings, increased home value, as well as expanding your indoor living space.

1. Patio Screen Doors Keep Pests Out

Perhaps the single greatest benefit of a patio screen door is that is stops pests from interfering with your open air and natural light experience during the warmer months. Insects such as bees, moths, mosquitos, and spiders take full advantage of an open patio door to all but stop the enjoyment of those wonderful breezes. If you have a screened patio door, you won’t have to worry about them getting in anymore.

In the summertime, bugs are most active during the times when the weather is most conducive to you having your doors open. Leaving your door open for any length of time will end up with who knows what kind of flying and crawling insect inside your home. Again, installing a patio screen door is the best solution.  

2. Patio Screen Doors Increase Energy Savings

Patio Screen Doors are a great way to increase the natural airflow through your home which will reduce patio screen doorenergy consumption. Creating a free flow of air into and out of your home in the warmer months helps with your HVAC energy costs while also allowing you to enjoy natural fresh outside air in your home. A concept called chilling can be used after dark. This is where you leave a door opening during the cool evening hours allowing the floors, furnishings, and walls to chill down giving you a run at the daytime rising temps by “Pre-Chilling” your living space. 

3. Patio Screen Doors Add Value to Your Home

Patio screen doors allow for added comfort and convenience but thanks to the ability of retracting them they do not detract from the curb appeal of your home while increasing your property value. There are many options to gain the fresh air function you deserve while matching colors that seamlessly match your architecture. This includes even matching our screens to the wood finishes of your natural wood doors. This seamless blending of form and function gives you a solution to be proud of.

Visually expanding your bug free indoor/outdoor living space can dramatically add value to your home. patio screen doorImagine being able to sit comfortably inside your home during the warm months without needing to run the HVAC system. A patio screen door can allow for comfortable indoor/outdoor living for generations to come. The installation of a patio screen door is also a great selling point for future home buyers, offering them added comfort while protecting them from bugs. 

4. Expand Your Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

The addition of a patio door screen is the easiest way to merge the best of both worlds as you capture that indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Retractable screens are easy to use for the whole family and are also something pets will love as you give them a new perspective to the outdoors. By adding a patio door screen the visual openness to the outdoors will give you a new style of living. You can enjoy the outdoor airflow while enjoying the new level of comfort inside your home by simply using the patio door as intended only without the bugs anymore. 

patio screen doorScreen Logic was created to enhance the physical aspect of new gathering places so family and friends can relax in comfort, connect, and create new memories. Your outdoor space can be an amazing respite from the typical day to day living. If you are interested in installing a patio door screen check out our video resources showcasing the wide-range of screen options our team installs. From the very small to the largest of door screens. We can even enclose an indoor/outdoor space with our motorized systems that come down from above.

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