Large door screen systems

My Big Patio Door Has No Screen. Why?

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Today the large format doors are an amazing addition to the amount of light and expansive views from your home to the outdoors. Problem is that the screen systems for these doors often do not exist or are not provided for several reasons.

  • They must be applied at the door companies manufacturing plant. That means that they arrive at the job site before the siding, drywall, patio surface, etc. This leaves this somewhat fragile component exposed to a lot of construction rigor/abuse before you would ever operate it for the very first time. Chances of survival totally unscathed are about zero.
  • The wall depth would have to be increased to accommodate the screen system being piggybacked to the door frame. This entails extra costs in materials, supervision, and detailing. Simplicity and consistency are important on job sites to avoid mistakes and oversights.
  • The cost of these screens is rather expensive. Not everyone would want one and often by the time the prospective new owner is available to make this decision the window of the construction process to add one has passed. Construction costs keep escalating and holding prices to a reasonable level is a major challenge to your builder.

Once construction is complete and the dust has settled, literally, and you have moved in it is time to make a decision. This can now be made carefully and thoughtfully as to what kind of screen solution to choose, or not.

  • Is the screen only going to keep bugs out or are there other considerations? Too much sun?
  • Added screen durability for small children or pets.
  • Proximity to neighbors and the utilization of a darker screen cloth for privacy?
  • Customization of the opening latch points to accommodate the use of only one or two of your operational panels at a time.
  • Is the screen to be held shut with a manual latch or just a magnetic hold?
  • Is it a panel always in place or do you go with a retractable version that is there when you need it and disappears when you don’t?
  • Will you install it yourself or have it installed for you?

Something as simple as a screen door can have many decision points, not the least of which is cost. Consider carefully the many questions needing an answer before you choose your screen system. To get started, browse our product galleries, view our FAQ section, and schedule a consultation with Screen Logic.