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Colorado Patio Door Screens: A Comprehensive Guide

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Colorado Patio Door Screens

Stay protected while enjoying the outdoors with Colorado patio door screens. Discover all you need to know about the benefits of installing patio door screens in this comprehensive guide!  

If you’re looking to maximize your outdoor living space and take in Colorado’s stunning views, a patio door screen is the perfect way to keep bugs and pests out while allowing fresh air and natural light in. In this guide, we’ll look at all the options available for Colorado patio door screens, including styles of screens available to fit your unique needs.

Benefits of Installing Patio Door Screens in Colorado 

Colorado Patio Door Screens | Screen LogicLiving in Colorado offers an average of 300 days of sunshine, and while we experience snow storms they are usually short lived and melt rapidly. Having a patio door screen that allows you to easily open up your space to enjoy that warm Colorado sunshine will enhance your indoor living space.  

Installing Colorado patio door screens can add significant benefits to your outdoor living space, including increased air circulation and the ability to enjoy those breathtaking mountain views without the worry of pesky insects. Screens also create an extra layer of protection from inclement weather while allowing plenty of light into your home. Furthermore, they require less upkeep and maintenance than traditional screens and come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials to match any home aesthetic.

Increased Air Circulation 

Patio screens doors are an easy solution to enjoy Colorado’s ever changing temperatures. Screen doors allow more air to flow in and out of your outdoor area, helping to keep it comfortable during those hot summer nights. The added air circulation is an easy way to regulate your indoor air temperature without having to run expensive AC. Imagine sitting indoors on a hot summer night enjoying the cool breeze as it enters into your space, without the worry of pests or debris entering as well. Installing a patio screen door makes that idea a reality! 


Patio screen doors are also effective in keeping out bothersome bugs and pests that can ruin a nice evening Colorado Patio Door Screens | Screen Logicoutdoors. Due to Colorado’s unique climate and environment, a variety of pests can find their way into your home. Spiders and wasps are at the top of the list of pests you likely do not want in your home. Not only are these pests bothersome, but the wasps could sting you and the spiders could end up nesting in your home creating another problem when the next batch hatches. A quick and easy fix to keep these unwanted bugs out of your home is a patio screen door. 

The small holes in the mesh of the patio screen door will keep out flying insects while still allowing fresh air to circulate into your patio area. With this kind of protection, you’ll be able to enjoy more time outdoors without having to worry about pesky intrusions. Our screen doors also create a barrier from the outside to the inside with a new or retrofit systems sealing all sides of the system ensuring these pests will not enter the home as long as the screen is fully deployed. 


Having a patio screen door provides two layers of protection from debris and foreign objects that could enter your home. Not only is your door able to hold off the most ruthless environmental attackers, but your patio screen door also follows suit. By having an extra barrier of fiberglass added to the front you can keep leaves, dirt, and other objects from easily blowing into your patio space and making a mess. This is especially useful in the fall during windy times or when an unexpected Colorado rain storm rolls in, especially for our friends in the Rocky Mountains and Front Range! 

If you’d like to learn more about how screen doors can enhance your indoor/outdoor living space check out this blog post. 

Styles of Colorado Patio Door Screens 

If learning more about the benefits of having a patio door screen installed in your home has you picturing how you’ve lived without one, keep reading to learn more about the unique offerings Screen Logic provides to both residential and commercial customers in Colorado. 

Large Door Screening

Colorado Patio Door Screens | Screen LogicLarge screen patio doors are one of our most popular offerings. Specs include: manually operated, retractable, horizontal pull screens for door widths of up to 42’ wide and heights up to 11’. 

This is a solution to our modern use of garage type roll up door systems such as: bi-folding, lift and sliding, bi-parting, and includes all of the benefits listed above. Standard colors are available to match your existing door, with custom colors available when necessary. 

Motorized Vertical Track Mounted Screening

Motorized vertical track mounted screens are a great solution if you are looking to fully enclose an outdoor space, or if you are looking to screen a very tall or wide door system. These screens offer a great solution to tame glaring rays from Colorado’s 300+ days of sunshine, protect the inside from unwanted debris, and help to easily regulate indoor temperatures. With the click of a button or the use of your smartphone you can easily open and close these track mounted screens. 

Motorized Vertical “Cable” Mounted Screening

Motorized vertical “cable” mounted screens are often installed during new construction, however if that’s not an option Screen Logic offers retrofitted screen systems to fit your needs. The benefits of this system include the ability to install without side tracks, this is held in stone applications. 

We also offer the same Motorized Vertical Track Mounted Screening and Motorized Vertical Cable Mounted Screening solutions to commercial customers. 

Colorado’s Leading Large Screen Provider 

Screen Logic’s expertise in patio door screen installation allows for ample customization resulting in high-quality screen doors that fit your specific needs. We also work directly with contractors and home builders to find a unique solution to your outdoor living space. If you are in Colorado, including the Rocky Mountains and the Front Range consider Screen Logic for your Colorado patio door screens. 

If you are interested in learning more about our screen solutions contact us today!